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Best Corals for Beginners

by David Rains
Best Corals for Beginners

If you’re new to reef-keeping, it can be overwhelming to figure out which corals to add to your new tank. As with most things, coral are not made equal, and some species require more maintenance and skill to care for properly. That’s why we compiled a shortlist of corals we think are perfect for beginners. If you’re looking for more advice on raising coral, check out reef2reef, a forum for reef-keepers.

 1. Zoanthids and Palythoas

Sometimes referred to as Zoas and Palys, Zoanthids and Palythoas resemble small flowers due to their tight cluster of individual polyps connected on a mat of tissues. These corals grow quickly and tolerate a wide range of light and water quality, making them more forgiving than other species. In addition, Zoas and Palys are incredibly fun to keep due to the hundreds of different color morphs to choose from. Keep in mind that these types of corals naturally produce palytoxin which is used as a defense mechanism for the coral, so it is advised to handle with care to avoid the release of these harmful toxins.

2. Mushrooms

Known for being one of the easiest to care for corals, Mushroom corals are excellent for beginners. While they do best in low light and with low flow, like Zoas, they are hardy coral and can tolerate a wide variety of conditions. Moreover, they are many inexpensive colors and patterns to choose from.

3. Montipora

Montiporas are an excellent coral for beginners to start cultivating. They come in a range of colors and growth patterns which can provide your tank a unique and exciting look. Most montipora require medium light and love a high water flow. They are not aggressive corals so you should ensure they have enough room to grow away from any aggressive corals. These coral do not need to be target fed, as they will gather their food from the water column as it floats around the reef as well as the light.

4. Frog Spawn, Torches, and Hammers

Euphyllia is the scientific name for corals like Frog Spawn, Torches, and Hammers. These are LPS or large polyp stony corals that have large, colorful polyps with fluorescent tips. They are adaptable and will tolerate almost any location in your tank. Moreover, these corals add movement to your tank as they sway with the current.

5. Chalice

Chalice refers to a group of cup coral species. These are some of the easiest kinds of coral to care for, and they require low maintenance. While they have specific lighting and water quality needs, once fully acclimated, they can be a great addition to any tank.


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by David Rains

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