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Coral operates a 2,500 square foot aquaculture facility in Houston, Texas and currently houses 6,400 gallons of coral aquaculture systems, which each house specific types of corals – SPS, LPS, and Soft Corals – to ensure maximum water quality for all of our coral products.


Galactic Coral’s 2,000 gallon dedicated SPS & LPS aquaculture systems were constructed using equipment considered the “gold standard” in the industry, including Abyzz A400 return pumps & Ecotech Marine XR30Pro LED lights. Each system is fully controlled & monitored by Neptune Systems Apex with a Trident system to ensure water parameters remain precise and within acceptable limits. Additionally, a fully controllable DaStaCo A3 Calcium reactor has been added to manage calcium & alkalinity.




 Galactic Coral’s number one priority is the health of our livestock and ultimately delivering healthy, disease free corals to our customers. Our quarantine systems consist of two 1,200 gallon coral flats which are fully controlled & monitored with the same high-quality equipment as our aquaculture systems, with the addition of commercial UV Sterilizers for disinfection. Further, we treat all incoming coral in our multi-stage dipping systems, where each item is dipped multiple times before placement into the retail and/or aquaculture systems. These systems safeguard from cross contamination, ensure a solid, healthy foundation for our corals to thrive in their new captive environments, and allow our customers to have the utmost comfort in the quality of corals to be delivered.



Galactic Coral legally sources all of our corals from Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Tonga, as well as from advanced hobbyists throughout the United States who share our level of care for the health of their corals and ecosystem.



 David Rains, the founder of Galactic Coral, has been actively involved in the aquarium hobby for over 20 years and building aquarium maintenance and retail-based businesses for more than 12 years. He is also a certified diver and has experience diving around the world.


David has been involved in keeping aquariums since childhood and became infatuated with the reef keeping hobby while attending Texas A&M University. It is then that he established his first business dedicated to installing and maintaining aquariums for those interested in aquariums but with minimal knowledge of the subject. His wife and two children are also dedicated to helping David thrive in this exciting industry.


He and his family have been based in Houston for the past 11 years while continuing to offer top notch aquarium services as well as establish two separate retail locations. David’s passion for coral propagation and reef conservation has allowed him to acquire expertise in optimal coral husbandry over time. He is driven to establish campaigns that would give back to different reef environments around the world. Throughout his professional career, David has aspired to establish a facility that could offer high quality coral to every marine hobbyist, whether beginner or advanced. With the launch of Galactic Coral this dream has now become a reality!